Friday, April 18, 2014
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Sea Kayaking: Transportation for Eco-tourists October 2011 Written by Elise Oberliesen for Estates West Magazine 2011
Like a blank canvass, blue cloudless skies floated in front of the kayak. Off in the distance, a white sandy beach came into view. Nope, not the legendary Coronado Island. With the bow pointed toward Carmen Island, I chased away the hunger pangs with a handful of trail mix. Soon our fleet of 12 kayaks descended at the lunchtime paradise. Freshly prepared Ceviche atop crispy tostadas satisfied my clock-like appetite. Soft adventure travel like this boosts the fun factor with a tab bit of challenge.
Sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez, Overland Traveller June 2010 By Emma Field

Sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Why go Sea Kayaking in Mexico's Sea of Cortez?
Where do I start? So many reasons: the blow-your-mind sea to mountainous desert views; the whopping array of wildlife; that oh-so-close to nature feel; the health benefits of propelling yourself across ocean waters beneath soaring sea cliffs; access to white-sand coves; the possibility of sighting blue whales. I could go I will.
Rudderless Bliss in Baja, Adventure Sports Journal October 2009 By Ingrid Hart
Adventure Sports Journal, September/October 2009

Rudderless Bliss in Baja - A novice kayak tourer revels in the rhythms of life on the Sea of Cortez

“Quick, put the fish back in the water!” I yell to Bill.

A Botox-lipped fish, called a Burrito Grunt, is flopping around at my feet, covered in sand, fighting for its life.

A few minutes earlier, high in the horizon, I watched a cormorant pluck the unlucky fish from the Sea of Cortez. A large frigate bird with forked tail feathers then gave chase to the cormorant. It was like a Discovery Channel scene come alive.
Baja Beauty, The Globe and Mail March 2009 By Darryl Leniuk
Special to The Globe and Mail (Canada's national newspaper) March 28, 2009

With each paddle stroke, sea spray pelts my face like driving rain. In the past five minutes, I've barely moved along the limestone cliffs of the shore. My guide Terry Prichard - my partner in this two-man kayak - yells at the nearby boats, "Paddle back to shore!" We've taken too long a lunch break and the wind has picked up: we're fighting a strong headwind.
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"The trip was fantastic, superb and wonderful. I wanted to see whales, and we were well rewarded from the moment we arrived at our campsite when a baby whale "greeted" us by breaching seven times in a ..."
Wayne Holter
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