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Five Wild Animals You Can Protect on Your Next Vacation

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Aug 05 in Special Offers

Sea turtle in Baja by Elizabeth Moreno

Article by Brad Nahill, Director of SEE Turtles

It seems that every day another news article comes out about animals facing extinction. The list of reasons is seemingly endless including loss of habitat, the wildlife trade, and climate change. What the media rarely covers is the stories of hope, where communities come together to protect the animals that live around them.  There are many of these stories around the world, where dedicated conservationists are coming up with innovative ways to help these endangered species recover while improving the lives of local residents. Many of these programs include volunteer activities for travelers to participate in research and conservation programs.

Here are just a few of the opportunities for travelers to help wildlife:

Green Sea Turtles in Baja: Years ago, many turtle researchers wrote off Baja’s turtles as beyond saving. However, an award-winning network of fishermen, scientists, and local residents called the Grupo Tortuguero formed to study and protect the region’s five species of sea turtles and numbers are rebounding. A new locally run business called RED Sustainable Tourism is helping these conservationists recruit volunteer help for their turtle research. Participants camp on a small island in Magdalena Bay and help to set nets to catch green turtles at sea and collect information on them before returning them to the water. Sea Kayak Adventures is partnering with RED Sustainable Tourism to offer an exciting Conservation Adventure package along the Baja Peninsula, Mexico in March 2012. Join us for the trip of a lifetime while directly supporting community-based conservation of endangered green sea turtles.

Read more about the other four wild animals.

Baja Sea Turtle photo by Elizabeth Moreno.

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